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2024 Cabin Rates

***All cabins are non-smoking and include free WiFi***
Cabin Bedrooms Cost per Day Cost per Week
One 3 $217/daily $1300/week
Two 2 $192/daily $1150/week
Three 3 $217/daily $1300/week
Four 2 $192/daily $1150/week
Five 2 $192/daily $1150/week
Six 2 $208/daily $1250/week
Seven 3 $242/daily $1450/week
Eight 2 $192/daily $1150/week
Nine 3 $217/daily $1300/week
Ten 2 $192/daily $1150/week
Eleven 3-4   (Sleeps 9 adults) $242/daily $1450/week
Twelve 3 $228/daily $1370/week
Fourteen 3 (Sleeps 8) $250/daily $1500/week

*Starting the 3rd week in August (August 17, 2024) we give a 15% discount on cabin rates. Also, we give a $40 discount for a 2-week stay.